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The world calls on Russia to release Ukrainian pilot

Recent days have seen a global outpouring of support for Nadiya Savchenko, a Ukrainian pilot and parliamentarian who has been unjustly held by Russia since June 2014, and who has recently begun to refuse food and liquid in protest.

On March 7, the European Union called on Russia to immediately release Savchenko, noting that Russia “bears responsibility for the health, well-being and observance of the human rights of all persons it detains.”

Several members of the European Parliament wrote a letter to Savchenko pledging to advocate for her release and even going on hunger strikes in solidarity with the Ukrainian hostage. Prominent individuals, including political leaders and Nobel laureates, signed an open letter to European leaders urging them to take “emergency measures” to secure Savchenko’s release.

Other supporters, including U.S. Representative to the United Nations Samantha Power and U.S. Representative to the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe Daniel Baer, took to Twitter to call attention to Savchenko’s unjust detention.

Samantha Power:

«Nadiya Savchenko has gone on a hunger/liquid strike to protest Russia’s illegal detention & farcical trial.»

Daniel Baer:

«Thinking of Nadiya Savchenko this afternoon— wishing her strength in the face of injustice».

Savchenko’s mother, Mariya Savchenko, released a video urging world leaders to condemn the arrest of her daughter and work toward her release. “Help my child be freed from that jail,” she said:

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